#FrostScience Goes Late Night

Is sight essential to seeing? What role do sound waves play in helping us navigate the space around us? Can echolocation help the blind see?

Get ready to have some knowledge dropped on you during LATE@Frost Science, their monthly after-hours series that dives deeper into the scientific wonders within the museum. On Wednesday, August 9, they are taking a closer look at the SEEING exhibition with “Waves,” an exploration of echolocation and sound waves.

Here are seven reasons why you should attend

You’ll get to use virtual reality to channel your inner dolphin.
Experience how marine mammals use echolocation to navigate underwater through our VR experience, Echo Earth.

The Miami Bat Squad will be in the house.
Did you know Miami has a bat squad? They’ll be there doing live acoustic bat monitoring.

You can tell people that you see sound.
Watch as Moonlighter Makerspace brings sound to visual life using the science of cymatics and a Chladni plate.

Your eyes will become the next great work of art.
Take home a snapshot of YOUR eyes by renowned photographer Bridges Aderhold, owner of GAB Studio.

Bats will serenade you under the stunning oculus lens.
Listen to recordings of endangered bats in Florida underneath the majestic oculus lens with Frank Ridgley from the Conservation and Research Department of Zoo Miami and learn about echolocation with Dr. Kelley Winship, Research Associate & Marine Mammal Trainer at Dolphins Plus Oceanside.

You’ll literally light up a dance floor.
Bust out your best moves on MeLaβ’s interactive dance floor while Lauren (Lolo) Reskin of Sweat Records spins on the 1s and 2s.

Pics (or it didn’t happen).
Get your photo taken in the YP “Waves” Photo Booth and share them with your networks.

Admission is only $8 for adults, Frost Science members are free. Admission does not include food/drink. Food and beverage will be available for purchase. Members should bring membership card for quick entry.



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