All Woman Art Fair Rocks Brickell for Art Basel

This December 7-10, Brickell City Centre (BCC), Miami’s newest urban shopping epicenter, will be home to Fair., an alternative, non-commercial contemporary art fair set to be a historic convening of some of the world’s most iconic and trailblazing women artists.

the Fair aims to address gender inequality in the art world and beyond, highlight activism in contemporary creative practices and inspire and empower women. Made possible by Swire Properties Inc, Fair. will run concurrently with Art Basel Miami Beach, December 7–10 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and will be located throughout multiple spaces within BCC’s shopping center.


Fair. seeks to reimagine the traditional fair model by providing free access to the public, fair wages to each artist based onW.A.G.E. guidelines and a space for radical women artists to create site-specific interventions in an unconventional venue. At Fair., nothing is for sale, the focus is toward a deeper experience of contemporary and feminist art practices.


Co-curators Zoe Lukov, director of exhibitions for Faena Art, and Anthony Spinello, Miami-based curator and founder of gallery and production house Spinello Projects, conceptualized Fair. with a focus on the intersections of art, labor, capital, commerce and power through messaging, slogans and text-based works. Fair.’s three organizing principles include Fair Market., Fair Play. and Fair Trade.

 Brickell City Centre Overall_previewFair Market. is a 5,000 square-foot raw storefront space that will feature artists’ billboards, posters, apparel and more with a focus on gender inequality, marketing tactics, commerce, labor and fair wage. Notable inclusions are: Guerrilla Girls, who will be exhibiting for the first time in Miami, with a selection of four monumental billboards that include new and historic works; Pia Camil’s (Mexico) Bara Bara Bara approximates the makeshift tented markets of Latin American urban landscapes and will occupy the heart of the ‘market’; Cheryl Pope (USA) will show A Silent I, a suite of championship banners which include “I” statements written by students who partook in workshops with the artist; Ruby Rumie (Colombia), whose monumental wall of portraits Lugar común positions the relationship between women across class-divides in Colombia; Miami–based artist Juana Valdes will install Hanging By and a collection of her ceramic ‘colored china rags’; Jillian Mayer will show her iconic Impressions billboard that highlights the way that we (and women in particular) are marketed and sold to;  Liza Cowan’s famed image of Alix Dobkin wearing the original “The Future is Female” t-shirt will greet viewers as they enter the market; Gallery Tally, a project by Micol Hebron, artist and curator who has crowd-sourced 500 poster designs from around the world that highlight the ratio of male to female artists in contemporary art galleries; Jessy Nite’s While it Lasts,  an ephemeral message that depends entirely upon the passage of light and shadow  acts a a reminder to  the viewer of  one’s own fleeting presence; Taja Lindley’s This Ain’t A Eulogy: A Ritual for Re-Membering, which appropriates standard-issued black plastic garbage bags to hearken to our concepts of reuse, disuse and labor and stand in for the black lives that have been taken too soon and Reed van Brunschot’s Thank You for Shopping, that features oversized plastic bags that are surreal in their correlation to the viewer meant to spark a dialogue between the symbolism of our quotidian lives and the absurd objects that surround us making our outsized relationship with consumerism and capital evident.
Fair Play. is the video sector curated by Micol Hebron presented in partnership with CMX Cinema, which will feature The Femmes’ Video Art Festival projected onto CMX’s large-scale LED viewing screen. Founded in 2015, the Femme’ Video Art Festival is a curated collection from female-identified video artists bringing to light the issues and themes that are currently experienced by female-identified artists. Fair Play. includes participation of four YoungArts alumni; Gabrielle Gorman (2016 Winner in Cinematic Arts),  Kira Bursky (2014 Winner in Cinematic Arts), Lauryn Henry (2016 Winner in Cinematic Arts) and Ruby Drake (2015 Winner in Cinematic Arts). Additional international artists include Agustina Woodgate, Alexis Bolter, Alisa Yang, Alison Pirie, Amy Finkbeiner,  Anna Garner, Annette Huelly,  Antonia Wright, Bonnie Lane and Michel Auder, Cara Despain, Cheri Gaulke, Cindy Rehm, Eden Mitsenmacher and Tritschler, Eliza Fernand,  Ellina Kevorkian, Ewa Surowiec, Georgie Flood, Heather Trawick, Jessica Fairfax Hirst, Julia Richter, Julie Orser, Julie Weitz,  Katina Bitsicas, Landois, Lena Wolek, Liss Corona and Lux Nox, Marina Santana, Naama Tsabar, PH Hsiung, Sune Woods and Tomorrow Girls Troop. 

Guerrilla Girls DEARBILLIONAIREARTCOLLECTOR_previewPia Camil (1)_preview 

Fair Trade. includes all major public works, performances and happenings within and throughout Brickell City Centre that encourage participation and/or an immediate exchange of ideas between artists and viewers. Fair Trade. will feature work Wish Tree by Yoko Ono, which encourages viewers to leave their wishes behind — their act becoming a part of the creation of the artwork as both a performative participatory gesture and later as a document in her Imagine Peace tower;the Guerrilla Girls intervention spills into public space, confronting all visitors to the shopping center; Jillian Mayer’s installation You’ll Be Okay appropriates skywriting as an artistic medium; a live durational performance, underscore, by Colombian- born, Miami-based  Natalie Alfonso is an incessant rhythm of washing away her own work that visibilizes invisible labor; Fordistas, will present Fair Air. as they take over Fair.’s frequencies by telling the stories behind the movement along with a live-streamed silent disco by nomadic, bilingual, event-based radio station, (a project of Argentina-born, Miami- based Agustina Woodgate) will invite women DJs and music-makers to generate communal space through sound.

“As I have become more aware of the extreme imbalance in the representation of women artists within the gallery system, museum acquisitions, and the art fair market, I have sought to shift the paradigm,” said Fair. founder Anthony Spinello.“I consider myself an ally and a feminist and I am proud to say that we have been able to include iconic artists who have long been contributing to our understanding of art history alongside more emerging and Miami-based voices.”

 Brickell City Centre Retail Center _previewZoe Lukov, director of Fair said, “As a woman in the art world, I have found it always to be of paramount importance that we support each other in the creation of spaces for our diverse voices and visions. Consider Fair. just one more step forward in the dismantling of the patriarchy.”

Fair. is generously supported by Swire Properties Inc, one of South Florida’s leading international developers and visionary behind Brickell City Centre, in partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and CMX Cinemas. Additional support is provided by Fordistas, Plant The Future and Facundo Rum Collection.

“In our 200-year history of being a patron of the arts, Swire has never been more proud to support an exhibition that speaks to the important contributions of our female artists in a way that’s never been done before,” said Kieran Bowers, president of Swire Properties, developer of Brickell City Centre. “We are especially proud to open Fair. to the public and invite them to participate in what we feel are some of the most important conversations of our time.”


“Our artists tell our stories, share our experiences and are helping to shape the future of our community. We’re delighted to be able to put the spotlight this year on prominent women creators, providing them with a platform at Fair.,” said Victoria Rogers, VP for arts at Knight Foundation.

For more information, visit the official Fair. website at:   


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