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Peter Combe’s process has always been about an appropriation of various materials with the purpose to create striking illusionary impressions. Past modes of creativity include the manipulation of television imagery photographed with a still camera and later reworked into 3D constructions and appropriated imagery drawn from print media employing traditional cut and paste methods further distorted using 90’s era copier equipment. Presently the work is about employing the use of pilfered paint swatches “readymade” paint palette of 1,100 colors incrementally ‘by tone’ into 28 groups based on tonal value. These works comprise of painstakingly punched and arranged discs of color set at 45 degree angles that extend from the working substrate, thus delivering an optical effect. A single source mode of lighting shone directionally from the right produces a dynamic not immediately comprehended by the viewer. These artworks transform and change subtly as the viewer shifts from his/her vantage point.

Combe, a Canadian/British dual citizen, has maintained a working studio in San Francisco since 2008. His works reside is private collections and museums the world over, and is represented at Robert Fontaine Gallery.

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