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As an artist, Renda Writer stands firmly behind the central idea expressed in his artist statement, where he says, “My goal as an artist is to make my handwriting into visual art and to shed light on the general idea that handwriting can be seen as art, reminding viewers that the art is in what the words say, how they look, and how they’re written.” As a visual artist, Renda first started creating in 2010, after several years as a poet.  He started by creating the “Handwritten” brand, which eventually blossomed into a virtual empire of “Handwritten” products.  With his art, Renda likes to emphasize and gravitate toward concepts and themes of brevity, nature, inspiration, the struggle, the hustle, affirmations, and the concept of “She” as a pronoun that will never get old.

That mantra is “Love is a risk.  Do it anyway.” and it was written approximately 500,000 times across the entire expanse of the wall, taking about 350 labor hours, over the course of 6 weeks. The mural was completed on December 3rd, 2014, just in time for Art Basel, which positioned Renda appropriately in front of throngs of international art fans and made him into one of the most widely talked about mural artists in Wynwood during the week of Art Basel, known as Miami Art Week.  The talk on the streets was mirrored by an explosion of attention on social media too, as Renda’s mural was photographed, uploaded, tagged, and shared extensively on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, creating a viral phenomenon around the mural whose effects are still rippling outward today, as fans continue snapping pics of themselves in front of the mural and spreading them across the internet.  Renda is now one of the most widely talked about artists in Wynwood, and in the greater Miami area.


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