Art in Miami – Najja Moon

Najja Moon was born an artist. Her early years consisted of expressing herself through traditional outputs those resonant to art school students. Her life path led her to be an experiential events producer, gallery curator and now this Little Haiti repping artiste has returned back to her roots and created a visual art book called “Finding out You are Whole.” Here’s a couple quick fire points that let you get to know Najja Moon.

  • Najja Collects ‘Pig’ Pin Icons, Images and accessories.
  • She collects things ‘Intentionally’.
  • Her new work is a return to her authentic artistic vision.
  • Najja believes Miami needs more safe spaces.
  • She is focusing on being a voice of diversified representation in Miami’s art scene.
  • Najja admires the work of Kandinsky amongst other contemporaries.

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