Midtown Miami: A Quick Interview with Farley Aguilar

Please Introduce Yourself

I am Farley Aguilar. I am a painter. I started painting around 9 years ago. I am originally from Nicaragua but have been in Miami for about 30 years. I am part of Spinello Projects.


What are the subjects and ideas you explore in your art?

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Photo by: Heike Dempster

I make figurative paintings with images I find online. I usually work from old photographs from the 30’s or 40’s. I like that distance in time because they are usually black and white photographs. I take the composition from the photographs and make very colorful painting by adding my own frustration or angst to the image.  My paintings consist of groups of 4 to 6 figures, usually staring right at the audience. I really like that interaction of the group within the space of the painting and staring at the individual outside of the painting.

It is this sort of interaction we do not usually have. When we exist in everyday life we are staring at phones, or something, and people are doing things for us but we do not have this eye interaction. Why are these people standing in front of me and why are they looking at me? I kind of like that interaction. It seems like the people are standing there meaningless, in this meaningless and absurd way, looking at you.


What interests you about groups?

Invisible country midtown miami
Photo by: Heike Dempster

I think that the dynamics within groups is fascinating to me because it is like a micro version of the world, which is this the macro version. No matter where you are there is always going to be this micro version of what the world is. There is always the weaker person and a leader, a strong person. It also speaks to me because I am an isolated person so maybe I notice people individually and also in groups more.

“Groups have their own dynamics, everybody plays their role, there is this role given to them and they have to participate in a specific way.”

Do you find that the viewer takes on a role within the respective group in the painting that he or she is interacting with?

Farley Aguilar art district miami
Photo by: Heike Dempster

I do not know, but I have heard people say they pick out someone they identify with. I do not personally do that. I guess that’s because they are all me in some way. That’s why I make them all.


What do you have coming up next?

You’ll have to wait until next year to find out. Everything I am working on now is for 2017.


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