A Community Called Viernes Culturales

Once a month there is an event held in Little Havana that showcases the best artists, musicians, craft artisans and gathers the community over a live band and DJ. Since 2009 Pati Vargas has been organizing the Viernes Culturales / Cultural Fridays programming for the residents and tourists who come to explore the city streets of la pequena havana over this unique cultural event in Miami. While operating out of the Futurama building Pati is able to guide and support several artist’s careers including Frank Christopher. But when we asked here about her most vivid memory of art in Miami she spoke about a small boy barely over 10 who wanted to be an artist and display his work in her gallery. What did she do when asked?

If you want to find out what Pati Vargas told the little boy listen to the podcast interview on our website or on the MMM LIVE Podcast on Anchor or Spotify!


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