A Secret Neighborhood #Cocktail Bar

The O.G., an original, authentic nightlife concept arrives to Delray Beach courtesy of owner Challo Schott, the mastermind behind Miami-acclaimed bars Better Days and Radio Bar. Set to fully open on Friday, April 20, the “secret” neighborhood cocktail bar blends culture and style throwbacks repackaged as a local general store.

The O.G. – “Oceanside Grocers” – meets both historic and urban Delray Beach head-on with its concept of utilizing unique, modern bohemian vibes to bridge the generational gaps by preserving the best parts of the past and combining them with their appropriate counterparts today. Wearing all hats as the designer, builder as well as the conceptor of the cocktails program, Challo Schott stands heads above the usual bar owner in making sure The O.G. brand truly stays the authentic destination he envisioned it to be.

Sourcing design and decor from local individuals, the blue collar cocktail bar is a timeless capsule. With floral and warm wood design components including plants and greenery, the bar is painted in retro themes making an emotional connection to the past with colorful surroundings adding a touch of class and character with an original Ms. Pac Man arcade machine.

The “Oceanside Grocers” store theme also allows the venue to display attractively packaged items throughout the space with decorated eastern windows in a vintage storefront style. In addition to packaged items, fresh produce will be on display in market-style crates until ready for use in their cocktails, demonstrating The O.G.’s commitment to quality and theme. Intimate booths wrap the northern side of the bar with low lying, low lit wall sconces.

The speakeasy’s niche environments consisting of seating areas and small lounge accommodates up to 59 guests with complimentary cups of popcorn along with an extensive bar program including homespun and approachably priced craft cocktails using local ingredients. Some of the fun and whimsical highlights include the O.G. Hillbilly Martini, a grapefruit twist on the Margarita, O.G. Michelada, a beer spiked with Mexican Spices, and traditional cocktails like the Moscow Mule and Whiskey Sour. Some uniquely dressed drinks are the O.G. Frozen Sangria served in an ICEE cup and an O.G. Bloody Mary served in a Campbell Tomato Soup can.

Continuing in its commitment to neighborhood and community, an outdoor space serves as a communal garden environment and local market offering the various plants and produce that decorate the area for sale as the venue welcomes local artisans, creatives, and artists to showcase goods, crafts and art each weekend. The exterior southern wall will feature hanging baskets of herbs which can be used in the drinks and which will serve to promote The O.G.’s growth and eventual expansion to the garden area where citrus trees will grow, again connecting the menus to the environment in a real and tangible fashion. A bike rack will also be added to promote a healthy lifestyle and assert the notion that locals can bike over for a cocktail or beer anytime they feel the urge and affinity for one.

The O.G. is located in the center of Delray Beach at 166 SE. 2nd Avenue. For more information, please visit http://ogdelray.com/ Be sure to follow The O.G. on Facebook @ogdelraybeach and Instagram @ogdelray.

Address: THE O.G.

166 SE. 2nd Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33444

Restaurant Hours: Daily 3:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.

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