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Clarification of Competing Florida Solar Amendments

Over the past 18 months, residents of Florida have been bombarded with competing Solar Amendments that seem, on the surface, to be advocating for more solar power in the Sunshine State. Nothing could be further from the truth. Currently, this year, Florida residents will see two different solar amendments, one on the primary ballot on

Art Base Miami Beach 2015


Photo credit: Paola Espitia

Green Spaces for Urban Places: The Miami Foundation’s Public Space Challenge

When we spend time in nature, we become calmer, happier, and healthier people. One of the reasons for this lies in our innate survival-based preference for expansive, open spaces with trees and water. Philosopher, Denis Dutton believes that our draw to such beautiful environments is a result of our ingrained linkage to landscapes that ensure our


Midtown Miami - Salmon at Bocce Restauranr

A Man is What He Eats

…And any man who eats at Bocce exudes perfection, elegance and boasts a distinguished eye for detail. Located in Miami’s Midtown is a hidden treasure of Italian delights destined to deliver the ultimate Italian food lovers’ experience, complete with authentic rustic Italian décor and an opulent ambiance. Bocce boasts the city’s first official bocce court,

Real Estate


The Real Estate Reign Continues with Related’s Gran Paraiso

Miami real estate has always been a big topic amongst its citizens and international visitors alike. From the historic Art Deco designs of our South Beach hotels to the innovative stadiums and luxury highrise communities to celebrities buying and selling on Star Island. Today we announce the newest member of the city, Edgewater’s four-tower, master-planned